Test Levels During Refactor

A story of test runs during a 7-day refactoring session
Scroll down for graph and explanations

What is this?

A history of tests run during the refactoring of a software component
~10.000 lines of code, period ~7 days

What kind of tests were run?

Blackbox/Integration tests. Input fed to the component, output tested
Pure unit tests not included, as the whole code was thrown out and replaced
The only thing preserved from the original code was the component API

Why is this important?

It shows a very typical evolution of test results during a very typical refactor:
(ups and downs, problems introduced, detected, corrected, code reverts, new tests)

It shows (again) how having tests helps build confidence when making changes to software

It shows (again) how integration tests can help preserve functionality,
even if the concrete implementation of the tested component changes completely

How do I read/use this?

If you click on the graph, you can zoom in, out, or pan to a period of interest
You can also show or hide certain categories

To return to page scroll, simply click somewhere out of the graph

The graph shows the test results, for each test run, in intervals approximated to 15 mins

Some notable events are also marked (refactor start, significant test changes, etc)
Positive changes are marked in green, negative in red

How was this generated?

After each test run, I took the results from Jenkins, formatted them as JSON,
and with the help of my beloved vis.js, I created a simple graph to display the info

You can find the code on GitHub

Can I reuse? How?

Sure! Go to GitHub, clone the repository, and you can get started
You will need to have Java, Maven and a web server (JBoss, Glassfish, Tomcat, etc) installed

If you only want to play with the graph itself, the data is here
The JavaScript that puts it all together is here
You will also need vis.js